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Çağdaş Law Office in 1993 in Kadikoy "Lawyer Aziz DİLEK & Mahir Orak" was founded by, its inception to this day need legal challenges brought solutions, as well as judicial authority in the eyes brought new comments remove have wrapped the judgment has been granted. Even in the 90s it was established to specialize in Law Firm advocates, solving all problems dealing with the future of all who know very little understanding of advocacy, rather than the omniscient Advocacy understanding in certain areas has been adopted. Therefore, already this concept as a product of Commercial Affairs (Company Establishment, foreign investments, Commercial Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions) Consultancy in the field began legal adventure readily Real Estate Law, Inheritance Law, Construction Law, Expropriation Law, Health Law, Capital Markets Law, disputes arising from traffic accidents in general Compensation Law, Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law and bureaucratic Consulting (Administrative Consulting) by adding fields to the path continues.

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